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Want better internet in Fort Cobb? We’re here to help!


CarnegieCable is proud to be able to offer Fort Cobb a new option for internet service. Cable modem service is now available to the town of Fort Cobb, Oklahoma, with speeds up to 50 megs/second! We offer service with no usage limits, no throttling, and no compromises! Only real, fast internet! Check us out today if you want to get internet speeds that won’t slow you or your busy family down.

Cable modem internet service in Fort Cobb is now available from CarnegieCable

MAXIMUM speed internet is now available in Fort Cobb. Get it today from Carnegie Cable

Get REAL Internet in Fort Cobb with CarnegieCable

Cable Modem Service NOW AVAILABLE to Fort Cobb

CarnegieCable is ready to give Fort Cobb an option for some REAL Internet service. We now offer high-speed internet to the fine people of Fort Cobb, Oklahoma. We’ve been busy over the last few months upgrading the cable system in Fort Cobb to offer the most advanced services ever offered in this community. Do you get  your TV from a satellite company? That’s fine with us. You don’t need to get your TV from us to get REAL Internet! Speeds up to 50 megs/second are available to homes and businesses throughout the town. Are you unhappy with your current internet speeds? Call us today to sign up and see how REAL Internet feels! Are you constantly running out of data on your mobile phone plan? The answer is ultra-fast in-home WiFi that has no usage caps or bandwidth limits. What you get from us is all the internet you want for one low monthly fee.


You’ve probably seen our guys working over in Fort Cobb the last few months. We’ve been taking our time to get the cable system upgraded and ready for serious speeds. This speed test from one of our test locations shows that we’re ready to offer some SERIOUS speeds to our customers.

48 mbps internet download speeds are displayed in this speedtest image. CarnegieCable is offering cable modem service to the Fort Cobb community.

48 mbps down & almost 4 mbps up! Seriously fast Internet speeds are now available to Fort Cobb with Cable Internet from CarnegieCable.

We welcome Fort Cobb customers to our expanded service area

Carnegie Cable is proud to welcome the addition of the Fort Cobb system to our service area. We have big plans to upgrade the services available to the community, and we will be announcing them very soon. Until then, if you have any questions, please let us know at once.